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"I have been coming to Adobe Animal Hospital for many years, every time i come in Dr. Killian is always very nice and her staff help is so good with my dog. My Dog used to hate the vet (She was scared out of her mind and would pee everywhere) At first she was a little timid, but Dr. Killian talks to her in such a sweet voice and gives her treats to make her feel comfortable and now her tail wags when we pull in to the parking lot!

I have been to a few other Vets in concord years ago, and I think Adobe's prices are very fair, They might cost a little more than some other vets in the area, but i strongly feel that you get what you pay for, So if you're cheap and care more about price than the well being of your animal, then there are many other low cost crappy vets in the area, But I want the very best for my animals, so if you do also then Adobe is definitely the place to go."

- Amanda P.

"This is the only vet that my dogs are actually excited to go to. I think it's the special liver treats they give them during visits. Or maybe it's the great staff? I'm just glad when I drive up to Adobe & my little wiener dogs start "harfing" (squeaky happy noises).

The prices do seem a bit steep but they take such good care of our pets. That makes it worth it to me."

- Erin S.

"My cat hates car rides, hates his cat carrier, and especially hates going to the vet. So I was surprised at how calm he was with Dr. Killian!. Obviously Dr. Killian eased my cat's anxiety and made him feel more comfortable than any other vet has made him feel. Don't get me wrong, my cat wasn't relaxed and chill, but he was the most relaxed I've ever seen him around a vet.
I had a very unpleasant experience yesterday with a different vet (you can search my reviews.) Yesterday my cat was crying and climbing the walls. Today he was laying on the exam table while he let Dr. Killian examine him.

​​​​​​​Everything I was told at the vet I went to yesterday was wrong. Dr. Killian gave me peace of mind, gave my 14 year old cat a proper exam, did not give him unnecessary tests, and got to know both my cat and me.
Thanks to fellow yelper Jason K for the recommendation!!"

- Keiri D.

"I have been bringing both my cats/dogs here for years. The staff is friendly and the doctor is a true animal lover. They are not pricey at all either."

- Alex U.

"Adobe is the best! I've been an Adobe customer for 14 years and I will always take my animals here. Dr.Judy Reens, Dr. Kate Killian and the Adobe staff are fantastic. They have treated my cats, at all life stages, from kitten to senior and through the final life stage.

From preventative care to treating complex problems, the quality of care is amazing and just right. Judy and Kate always take the time to discuss options with me and propose the appropriate level of care. The staff is caring and sensitive, always providing me with the the information I need to make the best decision for my cats.

I'm impressed with the type of care they provide on site. And when it was necessary for advanced care, Kate did not hesitate to refer my cat to the UC Davis Vet Med Hospital."

- E.W

"I can't say anything negative about this veterinary practice. I first went to Banfield Animal Hospital on Willow Pass Rd in Concord with both of my pugs. They misdiagnosed my male pug and charged me a lot of money for nothing. His breath was very bad and his fold above his nose was irritated. Banfield vets told me to continue using a product I had at home that I was already using every day on him. He showed no improvement over 6-8 months so I took him to Adobe. Turned out that he had periodontal disease and needed several teeth pulled. I found out after the appointment that his infection could have cause heart disease and killed him if left untreated much longer. He's a new dog and the staff is WONDERFUL. His bad breath is gone and he feels much better.

Months earlier, I took my female pug to Banfield to get her nails clipped. As a resue dog and previously abused pug, she does not let anyone but me touch her feet now. They suggested we sedate her. I agreed. $275 later, I took her home. She was a zombie for 3 days!!! After 6 hours of being home and showing no improvement I called Banfield and got an answering machine. I called again in the morning and insisted they see her. She had been walking into walls all night and we did not sleep to take care of her. We were heartbroken watching her suffer. The vets at Banfield told me she had an allergic reaction to the anesthesia. BS. Problem is, she was spayed with the same drug, and when I took her to Adobe Animal Hospital last week, Adobe used the same drug with no problems and my pug was running around WHEN I PICKED HER UP, not 3 days later. The Banfield experience had her walking into WALLS for 3 DAYS!!. Even after taking her back the next day they did nothing to help her. I found out that Banfield had not given her IV fluids and probably overdosed her. Her kidneys were close to shutting down from our experience at Banfield and she could have died too. Banfield almost killed both of my pugs!!!

If you want a caring staff, honest vets, and a great experience, see Dr. Judy at Adobe Animal Hospital. They always saw us early when we showed up for our appointments, and were very thorough. Love this place."

- Jason K.

"I have been taking all our pets here for at least 25 years. They even took care of my chicken that was injured by a dog. This last year our elderly cat and 19 year old dog were laid to rest. The staff was so caring...from the front desk to the doctors. They have always treated us like family. I know vet costs are expensive...I have read the bad reviews about insensitivity concerning payments. Remember...this is a business not Government Health Care. If you cannot afford to provide for your pets eventual needs then don't get one. You can always pay for pet medical insurance, which I wish we did...maybe in the future. Only issue I ever had was with a very old woman that work the desk for awhile. She was very abrasive. Have not seen her in a long time. I will ALWAYS be grateful for the personal care they gave us and our pets in their final hour."

- Pam W.

"I have been taking my 3 dogs here for 7 years. I now live 30 miles away and I still go here. One of my dogs is diabetic and needs tests and check ups fairly regularly. Dr. Reens is fantastic, as is Dr. Killian who we don't see as often. The staff will call just to check up in my dog. They have been nothing but great, even when I had to put one of my dogs down due to cancer. I highly recommend them. I have never had a problem, and I have been there too many times to count."

- Abby C.

"This was our 1st vet visit after being in Concord for 1 year and we'll be sticking with them. Drs. Reens & Killian and their staff are very caring & friendly. They did a great job getting my cat to 100 % healthy condition. He had a bad mouth disease which I would never have known about. Highly recommended."

- Jeanette B.
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